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Putting the Science into Arts Fundraising

Find out about the impact of the world’s largest experiment in this arts and culture fundraising national seminar.

28th April 2020 | Online for 30 days

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Pink Brain (Illustration)

Decision Science

a powerful combination of behavioural economics, neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology- is a way of scientifically shaping your ideas and interactions with supporters, donors and customers. This approach is used by many of the world’s leading companies to sell their products, and increasingly by public bodies to engage citizens in, for example, awareness of health issues. We want to bring that discipline, and the advantages it offers, to the cultural sector.

One way to encourage individuals to take the action you want- make a donation, sign up to a membership, consider a legacy- is to reduce ‘friction’ towards a desired choice. We’ve developed a framework- EASIEST- that helps you consider how to do that. You can download that framework for free here.

Yes/No/Maybe Diagram

This website supports the world’s largest field experiment involving a number of UK leading arts, culture, and heritage organisations.  Eleven organisations are trialling a number of ways to improve their private income- looking at online, legacies, major donors, ticket sale donations, retail, and events.

Follow us to find out how the experiments develop between Sept 2019 and April 2020. And to secure information on how you can use these exciting techniques in your own work register here.


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