Putting the Science into Arts Fundraising

An online seminar sharing insights from the world’s largest arts fundraising experiment

Find out how to apply the latest thinking in decision science in your fundraising- transforming results.

Ten hours of top content available online from 28th April 2020.

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This online programme replaces the live seminar planned for Birmingham. COVID19 has made this a sensible choice. Essentially all the material and sessions planned for the seminar will be filmed and made online. PLUS there will be a LIVE webinar on April 28th from 14.00-15.30.

This programme reports back on the results of the world’s largest experiment in arts fundraising- supported by the Arts Council of England and 11 leading arts and cultural agencies.

In 10 hours of terrific content, available on demand for 30 days, you’ll hear the latest applications of neuroscience and behavioural economics to fundraising.

Every session will offer key ideas and insights that you can apply in your work.

Sharing their experience are top class speakers from galleries, theatres, young people’s education projects, arts development agencies, museums, touring agencies, and opera companies. Speakers from Bluecoat Liverpool, Royal Opera House, Shakespeare Schools Foundation, Handlebards, Arts Council England and =mc consulting will all contribute content.

PLUS insights from national and international charities- including UNICEF, Medecins Sans Frontiers, and Marie Curie.

Sessions Include:

  • The key ideas behind decision science in fundraising and why decision science is vital to arts fundraising
  • How to design an outstanding legacy programme that will provide unrestricted income for your work
  • How to use the latest thinking in psychology and neuroscience can help raise money
  • The impact of a well-structured a supporter journey through a museum to encourage donations
  • How the person who makes the ask can radically affect the effectiveness of your online video appeal
  • How priming intergenerational preferences can make a significant difference to responses
  • The results of combining pre-and post-show appeals to different donors
  • How using effects like reciprocity can dramatically increase the possibility of membership and money
  • The ethical side of fundraising nudges – what’s acceptable and what’s not in terms of ethics?
  • How to use the psychology of ‘loss’ or ‘gain’ to make your appeal work

Among the Speakers

Bernard Ross

Bernard Ross

National Arts Fundraising School

“In my session I’ll explain what decision science is and how it can transform your fundraising from the public. Be prepared to change all your thinking!”

Omar Mahmoud

Omar Mahmoud

UNICEF International

“I’ll explore how understanding the workings of the brain can help fundraisers identify donors’ motivations and goals then create powerful messages."

Meredith Niles

Meredith Niles

Marie Curie Care

“In my session I’ll help you explore how to improve your campaigns in a live workshop applying Decision Science.”

Maddie Croucher

Maddie Croucher

Ogilvy Consulting

“Join me for an explanation of how decisions science is being used in the commercial sector and wider to improve sales and impact .”

Marina Jones

Marina Jones

Royal Opera House

“By identifying performing heroes and heroines and simplifying our legacy messaging we transformed legacy pledges.”

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon


“We tested four variations of a video appeal- one outperformed the rest. I’ll be explaining which it was and why it worked. The results may surprise you.”

Bec Fearon

Bec Fearon

Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool

“I’ll be talking about how some simple changes to the messaging and images on our donation boxes led to a tripling of our income. Now we're looking at bigger gifts.”

Francis Christaller

Francis Christaller

Shakespeare Schools Foundation

“We used a range of techniques to ask our audience for support through bucket collections and envelopes and raised £30K.”

Rob Shaw

Decision Science Project

“With Emma Goad I’ll offer insights into the key lessons arising from the experiments.”

Dana Segal

=mc Consulting

“I’ll be sharing ideas on how to involve curatorial staff in actually asking for support.”

Emma Goad

Decision Science Project

“With Rob Shaw I’ll offer insights into the key lessons arising from the experiments."

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